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Smart lighting and power of IoT in one product
About us
We are a Norwegian company passionate about IoT. Our goal is to make your space more convenient, efficient and smart. We focus on lighting solutions for commercial buildings and providing one IoT highway for all tenants and users.
Today, a business needs various innovative solutions, one of which is light sensors for reading information, and further saving. You can use sensors not only for light, but also for the efficiency of work areas, monitoring temperature, estimate occupancy, etc. Having collected all the information, the sensors save it in the cloud and it is available at any time.
Control and administration of lighting
Sensors collect information about the environment
How it works
All information is stored in the cloud and is available at any time
Information stored about the environment is available anywhere and anytime.
Use case
We offer full service from sensor installation to software development so you can manage your consumption:

Real-time tracking

Environmental control

Energy Monitoring

Occupancy Tracking

Leading commissioning lighting software

Interoperable wireless solution for lighting control

Easy management of the infrastructure
Different sensors for integration

Reliable implementation of Bluetooth Mesh

Full portfolio for infrastructure
Range of sensors
Providing Smart LED Lighting to commercial buildings

Product Evangelist
John Gunnar
Our Team
Chinese representative
Stephen Xu
Piotr Kapica
European Sales representative
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